I really don’t think that I know anyone that doesn’t like watching fireworks. Actually I should rephrase that… I don’t know any human being that doesn’t enjoy watching fireworks. Dogs on the other hand, I know a lot of them who absolutely hate fireworks.

If you think that people don’t like fireworks, come to the Finger Lakes during a fireworks show and try to drive down any of the roads that are near where the fireworks are being set off. Sometimes I wonder if there are more cars at the fireworks shows than people that live in the entire surrounding county. With this being said, if you are going to watch a fireworks show in a popular location, be sure to plan accordingly. Traffic gets very heavy after the fireworks conclude as everyone races to beat traffic (it usually doesn’t work) and get home to get to bed before having to be up to go to work the next morning.


I think fireworks are such a cool thing, with all the different shapes, sounds and colors that are produced and the variety of shows and combinations that are put together. Professional display companies put on big displays on the different lakes for locations like town parks as well as private residences, and individuals often light off fireworks from their properties as well. The most prominent company in the area is Young Explosives Display Fireworks.

The most popular time of year for fireworks in the Finger Lakes is obviously around 4th of July and throughout the summer months. Many local fire companies and carnivals also put on shows throughout the summer to accompany their events. Weddings are another popular event for fireworks. The next most popular time for fireworks is New Year’s where many cities put on fireworks displays to kick off the New Year. I always get excited when I come across unexpected fireworks displays. Watching fireworks next to the lake is a cool experience. The way that the fireworks sparkle and shine off the water is truly a sight to see.

Check out this video



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