Roseland Waterpark and Wakepark

If you aren’t a lake person, or feel like doing something other than lake activities, Canandaigua offers many other options for things to do. Roseland Waterpark and Roseland Wakepark are located just a few minutes from the lake. Roseland Waterpark is a small waterpark located just about two blocks from the lake. It is a popular spot for summer recreation groups to go, but many families have season passes to Roseland as well.

Roseland Waterpark is a great waterpark for families, especially those with younger children. There is a splash factory where the water is quite shallow and plenty of things for children to climb over, on and around, as well as things to interact with triggers and strings and other devices to start and stop water. One of the most popular parts of the Splash Factory is the giant bucket that fills up and dumps every few minutes.

There is also a giant wave pool where waves go on and off a few times per hour. The tube slides are my favorite part of the waterpark. There are three single/double tube slides to choose from, my favorite is the light blue one because it is all dark except for small holes that have been drilled out of the sides that look like little lights as you go flying past them. All of the tube slides have names, but everyone I know refers to them by their colors. There is also a tube slide that holds up to four people that twists and turns before splashing into the pool at the bottom.  There are also body slides, but they have height restrictions so they are more for older kids and adults. The lazy river is a popular place to relax as you float around through the different features.

Roseland Wakepark is a new addition within the last few years that I have yet to try out. The wakepark is a place where anyone and everyone can learn to wakeboard (ages 5 and up).

It was the first full sized cable wakeboarding park in the Northeast. The cable system pulls riders in a continuous loop. Everyone from beginners to experts can try out the system. There is also a practice cable, inflatable obstacle course and area for stand up paddle boarding. In the past they have had a $49 learn to ride guaranteed program that I am unsure if they will continue into the 2017 season.

Check out this awesome video of the wakepark!


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