More Importantly… Grape Pie.

As I discussed before, there are a lot of wineries in the Finger Lakes region. If you don’t remember what wine is before it becomes the red, white or pink stuff we like to sip after long days at work, I will remind you…wine is made from grapes. The Finger Lakes provide a great climate for growing grapes, but grapes are used for other things besides just making wine.

If you are from the Finger Lakes, when you think grapes, you might not automatically think wine, you might think pie instead. For me when I hear the word grape, the next thing that jumps into my mind is pie. I never thought that some people

I have made my own grape pie from scratch by picking and smashing the grapes, but I highly recommend just buying a grape pie. Most likely it will taste better and be far less time consuming.


Grape pie, as strange as it may sound, is actually delicious. I won’t say that it is my absolute favorite kind of pie as I love a good slice of apple pie, but I like to sink my fork into a grape pie at least once a year. It goes best warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. (but I think almost anything goes well with a scoop of ice cream so that might be a little misleading)

The best place to get grape pie in the Finger Lakes is Monica’s Pies in Naples, NY.

Not only does Monica’s Pies sell grape pies, but they sell over 25 different types of pies. I also am a fan of their apple pie and chicken pot pie. If you are around in June during strawberry season, their fresh strawberry glace pie is delectable as well. They also sell other things like jams and jellies, and different grape flavored things.


If you like grapes at all, give grape pie a try, I think you will like it!


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