Another popular activity in the Finger Lakes is hunting. As with other states there are different seasons that you are allowed to hunt certain animals with certain types of firearms. Here is the link to the NYS DEC website that gives a list of when and where you can hunt in the Finger Lakes.

The most popular season for hunting is deer season, and it isn’t uncommon to drive by and see a deer hung in lawn or being gutted in their garage.  It is also not uncommon to see lots of people in fields in camo and bright orange. Many people also have deer mounted on their walls. People get  very excited about deer season, and look forward to it all year long. Personally I am not a hunter because I cant imagine getting up early to go sit in a cold treestand to maybe see a deer or two and maybe get a shot at it. I would rather let someone else who enjoys that do the work and then I will help them when they have no place to store all the meat in their freezer.  I enjoy eating venison, especially venison sausage and I recommend you try it if you have never had it.

With this being said, even with all of the hunters, there are a lot of deer in the Finger Lakes region. If you aren’t from an area with deer, they pop out from many unexpected places and like to run across the road in front of your car. They often become friends with the bumper of your car, and then end up dead on the side of the road. You are then left with a sometimes un-drivable vehicle, and sometimes a hefty body shop bill. They are usually out roaming at night, especially when it is cooler. Also they obviously are more active during deer season when they are trying to avoid hunters. As kids learning to drive in the Finger Lakes, we are taught to always be scanning the sides of the road for deer, as headlights usually reflect off of their eyes so you can spot them. 

Other popular things for hunting are geese, duck, and squirrel.



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