Colleges and Universities

If you visit the Finger Lakes and fall so in love that you think you want to study in the region, there are many options for you. But on the other hand, many of you reading this are far from college age and wonder why you should care about this article, but having colleges and universities leads to lots of research, education and knowledge brewing in the area. This leads to new discoveries, a lot of young people starting their careers, and new business creation. Many of these businesses are tied to popular activities in the Finger Lakes like winemaking, brewing, agriculture and other things of that nature.

Keuka College


Keuka College is located right on…you guessed it…Keuka Lake. It even has lake access and is just minutes from Seneca Farms.  It is a small private liberal arts college known for their education program.

SUNY Geneseo


SUNY Geneseo (State University of New York at Geneseo) is a small public university. It is one of the top public universities in the state of New York, and has fairly low acceptance rate. It is known for its business and education programs.

Cornell University


Cornell University is arguably the most prestigious of the schools in the Finger Lakes as it is part of the Ivy League. They have about 20,000 students that attend in their various majors. They are well known for D1 sports programs, their agriculture program, and their hospitality program among others.

Ithaca College


Ithaca College is just minutes from Cornell University also in Ithaca. It has a beautiful view looking out over Cayuga Lake from on top of the hill. It is a private liberal arts college, known for its communication and music program. Ithaca is a small-medium sized school with around 6000 students. They have NCAA Division III sports teams.  

Hobart and William Smith Colleges


Hobart and William Smith Colleges were originally founded as two separate colleges, Hobart for men, and William Smith for women. They now operate under a coordinate college system. They share the same campus, faculty, curriculum and administration, but have their own traditions, deans, and student government. It is a small college with less than 2500 undergraduate students. They compete at the NCAA Division III level. It is a beautiful, old style campus, just a few blocks from Seneca Lake. If you visit Hobart and William Smith, be sure to stop at Bagels, Cakes and More, located just down the street. It is a favorite among locals and college students alike.



Finger Lakes Community College is located just minutes from Canandaigua Lake and is also where CMAC is located. Many individuals attend FLCC to get their general education requirements out of the way before attending a four year university.


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