A few blogs ago I posted about wineries in the Finger Lakes region, but not everyone loves wine and many people are more likely to drink beer rather than wine. Good news for them, not only are there an abundance of wineries in the area, there are also many breweries in the area. There are even beer trails (much like the well-known wine trails) that are popping up in the area. So while the wives are out having their girls day on the wine trail, the husbands can take their buddies to a brewery (or a bunch of breweries) for the day.

If you visit this website you can find out much more information about the beer trail, including all of the different breweries and options for stops on the Finger Lakes beer trail. You can also view the map here.

There are over 100 stops on the list, but I do not recommend trying to hit all of the breweries in one day. (Hopefully you already knew that wasn’t a good idea to try) Breweries are very popular in the Finger Lakes region and continue to pop up all over. If you don’t get to all the ones you wanted on this trip, it is likely that they will still be here for your next visit. Plus that’s another excuse to come back!

The brewery that I am most familiar with is Naked Dove Brewing Company located on State Route 5 and 20 just outside the City of Canandaigua. Naked Dove took over a stand alone auto parts store that went out of business. They transformed the building into a brewery, and although it doesn’t have what I would consider a brewery look on the outside, they have a neat tasting room and EVERY time I drive by there are cars there. Many times there are actually cars that end up parking on the grass. When it first came to town many people were skeptical, but it has turned out to be a very successful and popular business. Their beer can also be found at many local bars.  

Other very popular breweries in the area are Climbing Bines located on Seneca Lake and Twisted Rail located both on Canandaigua Lake and in Macedon.

Many people enjoy picking up a growler from a local brewery to share with family and friends while enjoying a day on the lake. It also makes a great host or hostess gift when arriving to a party. If you are someone that is into collecting growlers from different breweries that you have been to there are some very cool ones that can be found in the Finger Lakes. Kegs can also be purchased at many of the breweries and are popular for weddings and other parties. It gives guests a taste of the area, and supports local business and promotes a good time all at the same time. Wegmans also carries many of the different local brews if you aren’t looking to go to the actual brewery itself. Many of the breweries have live music and various events and festivals throughout the summer. If you are in the Finger Lakes and looking to enjoy some craft beer, you will not have to look far to find it.

Enjoy FLX Living…and drinking!



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