Need to Know

Here are a few things you might want to know before your trip to the Finger Lakes

__________ Lake not Lake ____________

It’s not Lake Canandaigua, or Lake Seneca, or Lake Skaneateles. Everyone will automatically know you are from out of town if you pronounce one of the lakes like this. With all of the Finger Lakes all of the names of the lakes come before the word “Lake”. I once overheard someone talking about how great Lake Seneca was and I asked where it was and they were like aren’t you from here? And I responded with yes. And they said, its right in Geneva. And then I figured out that they were talking about Seneca Lake.

Cottage Life

Most of the lakes are very heavily populated with cottages and homes. A large percentage of the lakefront on all of the lakes is private property. Many people who are used to visiting lakes in more rural areas are surprised by this. Just because most of the lakefront is owned by private landowners, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all that the lakes have to offer. All of the lakes have public access in various locations whether it be a park or a boat launch. Many individuals rent their cottages out for the summer and can be found on various websites to rent for the week or weekend.

Four Seasons

You may have heard this before but don’t think we are lying when we say sometimes we have all four seasons in a single week, or four days, or even in a single day. Just last week it was 80 degrees and sunny, and a few days later it snowed. It will be a blizzard one morning and sunny and warm in the afternoon. You really never know what to expect with the weather in the Finger Lakes. So pack lots of layers, and maybe a raincoat, and maybe a winter jacket.

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