Ice Cream

For any of you who don’t know me as a human being in real life and just as a blogger, I am going to let you in on a little secret. I LOVE ice cream. I eat it almost every single day and love trying new flavors, new ice cream shops, and whenever I go on vacation I always scope out the best local ice cream shop to try. In the Finger Lakes there are a lot of places that sell ice cream, but I want to share with you a few of my favorites in my next few posts. I would say that they are a must on the Finger Lakes to-do list. I am all about homemade, fresh churned ice cream that you cannot purchase at the grocery store. Yes, my freezer always has a quart or two of whatever brand is on sale at Wegmans that week, but when I go out to get ice cream, I am looking for something more unique than the same stuff I can purchase at the grocery store for a much cheaper price. If we’re being honest, a regular sized cone or dish of Perry’s Ice Cream (it’s an upstate New York Brand of ice cream) at the ice cream shop will run you about the same as it costs for a whole quart at the store. Anyways, ice cream is a great treat on a hot summer day or a cold fall day when you are looking for a sweet treat.

I will start with my favorite ice cream in all of the Finger Lakes.

Seneca Farms


Seneca Farms is the first because it is my favorite and I have been waiting since the blog started to share it with you.  It is located in Penn Yan, so not far at all from Keuka Lake. Many people have to actually drive by Seneca Farms to get to their cottages, and luckily my family was one of them. I have been going to Seneca Farms for as long as I can remember and might be part of the reason why I love ice cream so much. When we used to visit the cottage on Keuka Lake frequently, there would always be a stop at Seneca Farms involved on the way home.

I think many other people would agree with me on the deliciousness of their ice cream based on the fact that they have overflow parking across the street, and it isn’t uncommon for the line to be out the door in the summer time.

Not only is Seneca Farms a great place for ice cream, they also have some of the best fried chicken in the world. Its fresh, hot, and tasty. So not only can you get the best ice cream in the Finger Lakes, you can get have your whole meal at Seneca Farms. The restaurant is the back half of the building and the ice cream is in the front.

I love their t shirts and might be adding a long sleeved one to my collection soon. On the back of many of their t shirts is a quote that says “There’s nothing wrong with me that a little Seneca Farms won’t fix”.

The best part about Seneca Farms is their homemade ice cream.   They have a variety of flavors to suit the taste buds of anyone and everyone that walks through their doors.

They also make their own waffle cones, and I really enjoy waffle cones as well. One of my favorite things that they make is a waffle cone flurry. It is like a traditional flurry but instead of having something like Oreos or Reeses crushed up inside of it, there are crushed up waffle cone pieces. It can be combined with any type of ice cream so that makes it even better. It isn’t always on the menu, but usually if you ask them to make you one they will.


A Waffle Cone Flurry


I also really like their seasonal flavors and am sad when I miss them before they have moved on to the next flavor. Fall flavors like apple pie and spring flavors like lemon custard are my favorite.


A seasonal Strawberry Sundae with fresh, local strawberries


Many places only have one size for sundaes. Not Seneca Farms! You can even get a kiddie size sundae if you aren’t feeling like you can tackle a whole regular sized sundae.

Seneca Farms is about 30 minutes from my house and I don’t think twice about driving all the way there just for ice cream. It is just that good. They close for the season this weekend and I have thought about driving all the way back home just for one last trip to Seneca Farms.


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