There has been a lot of hype lately about Wegmans and how great of a company it is, how well they treat their employees and how everyone should have a Wegmans in their life. I can vouch for all of this.  Wegmans is the grocery store that I have grown up with and honestly whether or not there would be a Wegmans where I was studying went into my college decision. Luckily I ended up with two in the city I am studying and I have convinced my roommates to be just as big of fans of Wegmans as I am.  I don’t think I could tell you the last time I shopped at Walmart because Wegmans is just my go to for everything. There are many different Wegmans locations in the Finger Lakes.

There is an article that compares Wegmans to church, and it is right on point for me.

Not only do people in the Finger Lakes love Wegmans, it is very common for people to defend “their” Wegmans. “My” Wegmans is the Canandaigua Wegmans as it is the Wegmans that I buy all my groceries at, stop on the way home from work at, has my pharmacy, and is my overall go to. I would say in a typical week I am at Wegmans at least 2 times, but I have definitely gone to Wegmans every day in a week before.

Wegmans is always a stop for me on the way to the lake. A day at the lake means that some sort of food or snacks will be involved and Wegmans has tons of options.

Wegmans has everything you could need for a day on the lake…I mean besides a boat, a bathing suit and the lake itself. You can get all of your snacks, burgers, dogs (I recommend Zweigles pop open red hots) premade pasta, potato or mac salad, subs, pizza, wings, soda, beer, plates, napkins, cups, and even a blow up kayak if you are looking for one. Also, their chocolate chip cookies are to die for so make sure to pick up some of those.

Wegmans’ organic farm is also located on the west side of Canandaigua Lake and you can see the building from different locations on the lake. Danny Wegman also has a home on Canandaigua Lake on the West side which is something many lake visitors do not know.  It isn’t uncommon for him to come in and shop at whatever Wegmans he is near. I have seen him multiple times in my Wegmans.

While you are visiting the Finger Lakes, be sure to stop by Wegmans to see what we rave about.


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