Hemlock Lake

Hemlock Lake is the other Finger Lake that has restrictions on swimming, boating and other activities like those on Canadice Lake. The land around it was purchased similarly to Canadice Lake so that it could be used at the source of drinking water for the City of Rochester. Because of this, like its sister lake Canadice Lake, it has a relatively undeveloped shoreline, especially compared to the other Finger Lakes. Many people say that Hemlock and Canadice remind them more of lakes in the Adirondacks or in Canada.

In my opinion, Hemlock Lake is the easiest to pronounce and spell of all of the lakes. It is both pronounced and spelled just like it sounds: Hem-lock. Like the hem of a shirt and a lock on your front door.  Hemlock is one of the smaller Finger Lakes as it is 7 miles in length and has a maximum depth of 91 feet.

The lake has two public boat launches, but like Canadice Lake there are restrictions on boat size and horsepower limitations. One of these launches is at Hemlock Lake Park. It has a beautiful view of the lake looking south, large fields for playing any type of game you can think of, a picnic area, and restrooms.


Hemlock Lake is a popular lake for fishing. It is renowned for its land locked salmon, different species of trout, bass, perch and crappie. Some describe it as fanomenal fishing. Many also enjoy it for canoeing and kayaking without having to deal with large motor boats.

A great resource to find trails, boating information, is the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation website.

If you are visiting Hemlock Lake in the summer time, I recommend the Hemlock “Little World’s” Fair. I just checked their website and dates for 2017 are out, so you can start planning! I cannot say that I have ever been to the Hemlock Fair, but only because we tried to go but there was construction and traffic was extremely backed up so we didn’t want to wait. With that being said anyone I know that has gone has loved it and it is common for individuals to drive over an hour just to go to the fair.

Enjoy FLX Living!

Photo retrieved from dec.ny.gov


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