Honeoye Lake

Honeoye Lake is another one of the Finger Lakes that I haven’t spent much time around. Honeoye was a big rival for my high school soccer team and where one of my good friends tore her ACL so every time I drive through it brings up not so happy memories of hard fought losses. One of my good friends lives in Honeoye Falls, but that seems like a whole different place to me than Honeoye, even though it isn’t too terribly far away.

Honeoye Lake is one of the easier of the lakes to pronounce. It is pronounced honey-oye, (like honey I’m home or I’d like a spoonful of honey, and then oye like oye oye oye!) This is probably the reason that whenever I go to spell Honeoye I always have to think about it. Usually I write it out with an extra “y” and then have to erase or delete it.

Honeoye Lake is located in between Canandaigua Lake and Canadice Lake. It is much smaller than Canandaigua Lake, but much larger than Canadice Lake. It the second smallest of the Finger Lakes with only Canadice Lake being smaller than it. Honeoye Lake is 4.5 miles long and has a max depth of only 30 feet. This means that the deepest of the Finger Lakes (Seneca Lake) is over twenty times as deep as Honeoye Lake.

Honeoye Lake is known to be a bit different than all of the other Finger Lakes I have discussed so far, in that its shores aren’t blanketed with cottages as much. With this being said it is also not as untouched as the two lakes that I will be discussing in the next two blog posts. (Hemlock and Canadice). It is seen as a middle ground between them.

There are two public access sites for boats to launch on the lake. One is the Honeoye Lake Public Boat Launch and the other is Sandy Bottom Beach.

At the southeast end of the lake is the Wesley Hill Nature Preserve which has lots of hiking trails and gives visitors the chance to explore the massive Briggs Gully. There are many gullies that can be found throughout the Finger Lakes region but the majority of them are located on private land, not for the general public to enjoy.

It was another beautiful fall day in the Finger Lakes, hope yours was beautiful too!

Image retrieved from wxxinews.com 


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