Owasco Lake

neighbors, Skaneateles and Cayuga, but for some reason just haven’t explored Owasco Lake yet. For this reason, much of what will be discussed in this post is information that I have found on the internet or with help of family and friends.

Owasco Lake is one of the medium sized Finger Lakes. It is about 10.5 miles long and at its deepest point is 177 feet deep. It is the 3rd easternmost of the Finger Lakes. Owasco is pronounced much like it looks, oh-wah-sco. It comes from the Iroquois meaning “place of stone”

Because the lake is not as deep as Cayuga and Seneca, it cannot create the microclimate that is ideal for growing grapes on vineyards. For this reason, vineyards are not as common on Owasco Lake.

There is one public beach and access point on the lake, Emerson Park in Auburn.  Auburn is the city that sits at the northern end of the lake. Auburn is home to many important historical sites. For example, the former residence of abolitionist leader Harriet Tubman. There are numerous other museums, galleries, theatres and homes with architectural beauty. So while you are out enjoying activities the lake has to offer, if it is a rainy or cold day not ideal for lake activities, take a trip into Auburn to take in a little history or art.

At the Southern end of the lake is Moravia. Moravia is the birthplace of Millard Fillmore, the 13th president of the United States. Fillmore Glen State Park is also located here. It is another park with numerous waterfalls and outdoor activities.

It is another beautiful day in the Finger Lakes! Get out and enjoy it!

Image retrieved from nyfalls.com


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