Skaneateles Lake

My first time on Skaneateles Lake was last summer when I was invited by one of my roommates who lives in Skaneateles. I couldn’t believe that I had gone so long without experiencing one of the most popular lakes of the bunch. Skaneateles is one of the more popular destination for out of towners, including famous people.

During my first visit, I was truly surprised when I got to the end of the dock and looked down and saw the extremely clear water and could see straight to the bottom of the lake. The water in all of the Finger Lakes is fairly clean, but the water in Skaneateles was just that much clearer. I thought the lakes I had been in and around were clean. Skaneateles was a whole new level of clean. My roommate was extremely surprised when I told her that the lakes I am usually on are not that clear. One of my other roommates who was there then added that the water in the lakes near where she lives is almost brown.

Skaneateles Lake is about 23 miles from Syracuse, NY. Skaneateles is a tricky one both to pronounce and spell. It is pronounced Skinny at les. It is crazy to hear how some people pronounce it. Skanky-at-less, Skittle-less, Skin-eatles, are all names I have heard.  But no matter how you choose to pronounce it, the lake is about 16 miles long and at its deepest point is about 315 feet deep making it the 6th largest of the lakes.  

Skaneateles Lake serves as the source of drinking water for multiple cities including the City of Syracuse, home to Syracuse University (Go Orange!).


The town of Skaneateles lies at the North end of the lake. There is a pier that juts out into the water where boaters can tie up and walk into town. The Judge Ben is also docked in this area. The Judge Ben does dinner cruises that are popular among tourists and residents alike. An interesting fact is that Skaneateles Lake still also has a mail boat that delivers mail to cottages and homes on the lake in the summer.

The town of Skaneateles is a quaint little town with many restaurants, stores, and shops. There is everything from casual dining up to very fine dining.  The Krebs, Sherwood Inn and Rosalie’s are upscale restaurants that require more than just a bathing suit and cover up coming in off the lake. Better options for meals after a day out on the water on the way back home include Valentines and Doug’s Fish Fry. When I visited we tied up at the pier and walked to Valentines, enjoyed a phenomenal calzone, and then jumped back on the boat for the rest of the day. If you couldn’t tell by the name, Doug’s is popular for their fish fry. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to walk the streets of Skaneateles to go shopping, but I plan to in the near future.

Enjoy FLX Living! 


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