The Chosen Spot

I will start with the lake that I am the most familiar with and that is Canandaigua Lake. Naturally the lake that I have chosen to start with is the one that I have grown up closest to.  Yes, it is extremely natural for people to look at me with very confused looks when they hear me pronounce it. The correct way to pronounce it is Can-an-day-gua Lake. It is also known as “The Chosen Spot” due to Native American legend. Canandaigua Lake is the fourth largest of the Finger Lakes and is about 16 miles long. At its deepest point it is 276 feet deep. The maximum width is 1.5 miles. It holds about 428 billion gallons of water. It is easily accessible from Rochester, NY.  I argue that it is the best one, but I think that everyone argues that their lake is the best. Truly, they are all beautiful and unique in their own ways.

Canandaigua Lake is one of the only Finger Lakes that has an island to offer. Squaw Island can be seen from the City Pier (off to the right). It is a popular place for people to anchor near and then many like to swim/ walk in and explore the island. The island is much smaller than it was originally and is mainly a seagull habitat, so be sure to wear shoes if you do decide to go exploring.

A shot of squaw island retrieved from

It has been extremely low this summer due to the draught that has effected almost the entire region. One good thing is that I haven’t had to mow the grass as often because it is mostly dead. But then again, dried up brown grass is quite the eyesore. Instead of just stepping of the boat on to the dock, at many locations it is quite the quad and glute workout stepping from the boat up onto the dock.

Kershaw Park is the city park for everyone to enjoy at the North end of Canandaigua Lake. There is a beach open for swimming during the summer and a bike/running/walking path through the grassy park. Many individuals like to walk the park and then out the pier and back to enjoy the beautiful views. While some like to enjoy the beach at the park, I prefer to anchor in the water just out from the park and spend the day relaxing, swimming and enjoying company of fellow boaters. It is a place where up to hundreds of boats anchor and as many as 12 boats at a time will tie up together into a flotilla.

One of my favorite things to do is to boat up and down the lake looking at all the beautiful homes and boats while dreaming of someday having a cottage, or at least a boat of my own. There are numerous properties that deserve to be on the cover of magazines or on HGTV for one of their special programs. Not only are the houses around the lake beautiful, the city pier also has the iconic boathouses to offer (pictured above). They are a landmark of the community and the lake wouldn’t be the same without them. For more information regarding the boathouses visit

So that is a little bit about Canandaigua Lake. Stay tuned for more updates from FLX Living!


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